Weird World of Wiccan Spells ?>

Weird World of Wiccan Spells

What is a “Wiccan”?

Some of you may not even know what on earth I am going to be talking about here, as you may never have heard of Wicca before. So, what is a Wiccan, and what is the Wiccan belief?

Wiccans are sort of like witches to the main stream perspective. They believe in two Gods called The Horned God and The Goddess (or The Triple Goddess) and are deeply in tune with nature, energy, and natural spirituality. Their beliefs are centuries old and originated in Scotland and Wales, and focused on worshiping the two beings with more preference given to the horned God. However, as time became more modern, Wiccans began worshiping both parties more equally, and some now even give preference to the Triple Goddess.

Wiccan Spells

There are a variety of different applications for magick, but the most common is by far the use of love spell books. To get more insight on the matter, we spoke with Furva Rhosyn, who runs TheAstralWorld Wiccan website and is an expert on spells. We asked what someone who does not cast spells could expect from trying it out for the first time, and what most people’s misconceptions were regarding spell casting.

“Love spells are powerful, but many people believe that they will enchant someone you desire and make them love you like in a movie. This is not the case. You cannot force someone to love you, you just cast the love spell to get them to take more notice of you. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be.”

Undoubtedly, some people are a little bit confused as to how this magick actually works, but Furva is insistent that it is how she landed her 4 year long marriage after years of trying and failing to find a mate. Regardless of personal opinions however, it is clear that there is a high demand for not only Wiccan spells, but Wiccan knowledge and guidance.

A YouTube channel that features a self proclaimed Wiccan practitioner has exploded and gained over 200,000 subscribers. Many people who try this witches spells claim to have had success in varying degrees, and it is apparent that an increasing number of people are believers.

How Many Wiccans Are There?

It is unclear exactly how many people practice Wicca, but some estimate that there are over 100,000 active practitioners, most in the United Kingdom and United States, where religious laws are more tolerant. Others say that there are actually 5 times that number actively practicing, as most people prefer to remain out of the spotlight and keep their practices to themselves for fear of persecution.

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The DB Blog Dan Show

Welcome to the DB Blog Dan show, where I (Dan) will be taking you on a cosmic adventure through my mind and whatever I damn well please to write down.

This blog will cover things from my current life (in the United States) and my past life (from Brasil), and may flip flop between English and Portuguese.

I grew up in Brasil but moved to the United States when I was 10, so my Portuguese is not where I want it to be in terms of fluency. I still love Football (Soccer as you Americans call it), and enjoy hanging out with other Brazilians. However, I absolutely love the United States as well, and want to stay here to raise my family and broaden my horizons both financially and spiritually.

I hope that you find this blog entertaining, I have not decided where I want to go with it yet, but it will most likely talk about whatever is going on in my life at the time of a post. For example, my first post will probably be about my annoying hair loss (grr) and what I am doing to try to remedy it. I will also talk alot about sports (mainly football) because that is a big part of me and my sons life.

Anyway, that is all for this introductory post, but I will get back on soon and start writing for real!


PS: in case you ever want to visit 😛